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Sin City

Posted by octobercountry on February 11, 2009 at 4:05 AM
This movie can be watched differently depending on what kind of person you are and what kind of movies you generally prefer. Normally I am not in to action movies, but sometimes they are a pure joy to watch if in the right mood.

But Sin City is no ordinary, mindless action movie, as it is built on Frank Millers graphic novels of the same name, it features a very interesting visual and stylized look with primarily black and white colours contrasted by gallons of blood that really stands out when the red colour fills the screen. In this way you really notice it, when there is colour on the screen, the brutal red colour of the blood, the sickening yellow of the Yellow Bastard, the tiny blue orbs of the blood thirsty hookers’ eyes. 

There is no overall story in Sin City, the movie consists of three different stories all following the characters of Sin City. That is not to say that there is no cohesion, because the atmosphere and setting of the city is more than enough to bind the stories together, and the stories do intertwine with characters from one part of the story doing “cameos” in another. 
There is the tough and dedicated cop portrayed by Bruce Willis, the human monster Marv with superhuman strength played by Mickey Rourke, there are bar maids, strippers, hookers, gangsters, hitmen, drunks, phychopathic killers and corrupt police officers. The diversity of the characters really serves to the overall characterization of the city in the typical noir sense that just ebbs of the milieu of the dark, dank, city filled with criminals and gutter heroes. Many of the characters are clichés, sure, but the thing is that you just don’t mind it, at least if you are able to let yourself sink in to the thick atmosphere of Sin City and not take it all so seriously.

I haven’t described the individual plot points because really just using the term Noir tells you all you need to know. The associations connected with this word are all found in Sin City and these themes and settings are very central to the movie. Some might be annoyed with the directors (Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller) for not choosing one story and carrying that out more detailed, but it is not the movie’s intent to describe a consistent story, but a whole city, and that can be better done by portraying the entire sprawling gallery of characters. And since there is a sequel in the making, we will see many new stories and new perspectives to the mighty Sin City.

You have to be in the right mindset to enjoy this movie however and the over-the-top, bloody action that frequents the screen from time to time might not be in everybody’s taste, but the beautiful and brutal aesthetics and visual, the clichéd but believable characters and the feel of the city are enough reasons for watching this movie.


 Here's a link if you want to check it out: Sin City at  

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